Somebody You Should Know

Fellow Lumanaries of the Cosmic Praise Anointing___

My brother, Tore W. Åas… God introduced us in 1995 and He has used us for His glory ever since.  What a great blessing in life to find a soul, heart and spirit that really loves the Lord and who is gifted without measure; so giving, so pure;  insanely fun, free and fierce.  I love you, Famke & family.

My brother, Emanuel Olsson… What an enormous treat to work with you in the studio.  I have learned so much and am fed by your enthusiasm for perfection, your sensitivity to nuance and your confident ability to inspire and extract greatness in every aspect.  What a great ride!  God has blessed us to do this work together for His glory!  The best is yet to come because He loves us so very much.  Thanks for involving Jeanette!!!  May God pour out of His abundance Favor to you for the great blessing that you are to me and all who know and love you.

My new sister, Jeanette Olsson… I can hardly find the words to express my gratitude for the loving embrace you have given me and my music.  Amazingly, though we have never met face to face, we are kindred in spirit heart and mind!  You bring vocal joy to all you do!  When you heard my songs, you said “yes” in your spirit.  That is so evident in the outpouring of your gifts.

Morten Skjvæstad, Friend for 18 years now__ God has blessed us to touch many lives with the Gospel and song.  Words cannot begin to express the blessing you are to my ministry and to the thousands we have touched with our work in Norway, Denmark and the world!  You have helped me take the Gospel throughout the fjords, mountains and valleys.  I thank God for you and all those who love and embrace my music there.  And I pray that the blessings of fellowship, songs and joy will resonate from “our” beloved Norway throughout the world because of your heart for Gospel music ministry…. Thanks, Solveig.

Åsa Keiski Wännström , my Sister… What an amazing 17 years! You have been a sister, friend, an angel and conduit to spread Gospel Music in Sweden and the world.  Your great big giving heart has blessed and influenced me so much to be giving and accessible to all (young and old), who aspire to learn, grow or just to share our musical and spiritual gifts.  You are one very special soul.  I truly thank God that He predestined us to work, learn and grow together during our time on planet earth.  I know that even more blessings await you as God continues to bless and anoint your future with greatness that will bring Him glory!  Keep on keeping on my sister!  Love and grace to you, Di, Jonas and Elvis.   To all my Swedish family, who love and encourage me… I love you more than words can express!

Helene DuReitz… I must tell you that I love you for being you!  Even though I’ve only known you for a few years, your work in spreading the love and awareness of Traditional Gospel music is such a blessing to all in Sweden.  God has blessed me to love all genres of Spiritual music; but there’s a special element (anointing), in Traditional Gospel music that touches and uplifts the heart, mind and soul like no other.  I thank God for your heart to keep the music and its message alive and to expose and share them with the precious members of your church and choirs.   Again, I have gained a loving, faithful sister in you and even more, a beloved family in Sweden because of your heart to work with me and spread the “Good News” about Jesus!  God is watching and blessing all you do.  Always be encouraged!  No weapon formed against you shall prosper!  Love and grace to you!

Glo, GLORIOUS Gloria (Cotton)… How do I love thee… blah blah blah.  “You is pretty, you is smart, you is important… .”  LOL

Because of the sentiment in your heart; because words are a creative life-force in the universe; because you are you, So Easy To Love was conceived!  What a joy and blessing to have a friend and sister for over 30 years who is not the same  but greater, richer, more loving, more giving and a blessing to the planet from our Loving Father.  Come on somebody!  That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout – having people in your life who are “so easy to love!”

You know, for all of you who are so deep out there, you should check out 1 Corinthians 13 where the WORD speaks about Love.   Then you’ll know somethin’ ’bout being so easy to love:  “Passion, live for joy… Love’s never a chore… Always encouraging… Loving…”

So Glo, thanks for the years of Love, faithfulness, trust, growth, joy…  And the band played on.  :-) Thanks Lorren!

The bridge of So Easy is inspired by the Bible story of Hagar and God (Genesis 21). She was in the desert place, cast out, thirsty, desolate… God spoke to her, opened her eyes and blessed her greatly…

And, thus, the lyric:  “You’re the One who sees me…  Love unconditionally…”

Mark Andrews, Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Video Editor and beloved friend…  Thanks for your patience and faithfulness.  The video is SO AMAZING!  Everyone who sees it, loves it and starts singing the song immediately.  Thanks for your… just being there, for being willing and for being a friend in need.   I can’t tell you how much that blesses me.  I pray this video is a big blessing for all involved with the making!  To every member of the cast and crew__ Thank you a thousand, thousand times – that’s a billion!  But my heart and spirit say, one more thousand times.   That’s a trillion!!!   God bless and favor you in everything you do!

Paul Norman, Engineer, Audio Sound Consultant, Stage Management, you name it__ and just one of the nicest most genuine and giving brothers on the planet…  God bless and multiply you fro every kindness to me!   Thanks for your expertise and sharing of your gifts, talent and time.

Tyler Stannard…  Thanks so much for you talents and gifts in web design and for your assistance and patience with me in getting it all together.  I pray that God will increase your business and ministry abundantly!

Danielle Smith… I thank God for your golden voice, talent and heart!  You are a blessing to me and to all you touch.  Your gentle, willing spirit has gained great favor with God and man.  Thanks for being you.  Love you.

Donica Lynn… Songbird!  God has gifted you with such an extraordinary range of vocal ability.  I’m so blessed by your willingness and heart to share your gifts in my work whenever and wherever you can.  I pray that God will continually strengthen, heal and increase your gifts!  You are a blessing to all that you touch – especially me.  Love you.

My brother, Gus Lacy, my techie consultant, vocalist extraordinaire, and friend… You are a blessing to me.   Your help and work keeping my train tugging’ along and on course is invaluable!   Thanks for being a brother and friend in need.

My Son, Calvin James Judah Bridges… Everyday I bless God for the gift that is you and for the gifts in you!  I pray that you excel in everything you aspire to do in life, knowing that you will always keep your hand in God’s hand and that you will always know that you are my praise to God for His blessing in this life!  I love you always, Dad.

My prayer warriors, mamas, sisters and brothers…  Reverend Parnella West; Mother Rose Blackwell; Louise Kistner; Minister Priest Porter; My Pastor, Bishop Horace E. Smith M.D.; Doris Young; Pastor Mitty Collier; Adrienne Leornard; Pastor Rickey Dorsey; Pastor Ted Lewis; Patricia Brodie, Kenyatta Bridges and many others. Your prayers and encouragement have meant so much to me through the years.  God always sends you to me in spirit, word and/or deed just when I need it most.    I thank and praise God for all of you.  “Good times and bad times no matter… you are so easy to love!”