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Calvin Bridges

  • Sensational Vocalist 

  • Gospel Living Legend

  • Grammy Nominated Gospel Recording Artist

  • Prolific Composer



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Here, we aspire to bring you the most blessed, anointed Word, Music and Video inspiration to lift your spirit and draw you closer, deeper in relationship covenant with Almighty God!  Visit the photo gallery for some great Global Gospel Glory memories! You might even see...You!  Check out our online music store for downloads of Music, Videos and Sheet Music.  Don’t forget to comment on the contact page - I would love to hear from you. I’m so blessed that you’re inspired by my music.

God bless and keep you in His care always!

- Calvin Bridges

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Check out the new "No Weapon" Lyric Video

"No Weapon" is a celebration of hope and joy, permeating indisputable decrees and powerful images of deliverance and victory! Swingin’ with contemporary jazz nuance; pumping with old school power and swag; while riding on a funky music track. With a masterful lead and soulful choir vocals, this song becomes a praise party.! No Weapon formed against you can prosper is, "A Kingdom Word for Kingdom people!"


Bridges says, "In a day where automatic assault weapons are used to kill and destroy in record numbers, taking way too many innocent lives, violent crime is rampant in our cities, government, boardrooms, schools, and houses of worship. Words are also weaponized to shame, degrade, and assassinate the moral character and dreams of generations past, present, and future.  No weapon can prosper is a Kingdom statement and battle cry that is especially needed now.”


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